Wissahickon Valley: Clean Your Water

Wissahickon Watershed

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The Wissahickon Creek Watershed is affected by problems coming from many sources. The two biggest sources for these problems are urbanization and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Since some much of the land in the watershed is developed and impervious, stormwater has a large negative impact on the stream channels of the Wissahickon Creek Watershed. Erosion and sedimentation severely impact the small tributary streams. Bacterial contamination and other pathogens also are of great concern, particularly in wet weather. However, in dry weather, the bacterial concentrations are generally low.

While habitats are significantly impacted by development, the other impairments also impact these delicate ecosystems. Invertebrate communities sampled within the Wissahickon Watershed are “severely impaired.” Fish communities in the Watershed exhibit less diversity and specialization. The types of fish found here are moderately tolerant of pollution. Fish requiring cleaner or more stable ecosystems are not found within the watershed.

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