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What Would You Do?: Neighborhood Involvement

We’re in the third week of our #SummerStormwater month. Hopefully, you’ve been following our Facebook and Twitter as we’ve been posting about ways to reuse rainwater and go natural these first few weeks. This week, we are going to be sharing videos & tips about neighborhood involvement. Tell us about your success stories in getting your community organized around protecting your watershed. Email us or just use the hashtag #summerstormwater!

(Yes, it's a 90's TV reference! Or, if you prefer, you can pretend it's a reference to this newer show.)

First, let’s start off with a difficult scenario, and hear some of your thoughts. What would you do if you saw someone in your neighborhood doing an activity that is harmful to watershed health? My friend Sarah recently told me about something she saw while biking around. Right near a storm drain opening, a man was spraying Round-Up on some plants sprouting out of the sidewalk. Knowing the impacts of herbicides in stormwater runoff, Sarah wanted to tell this man to stop and explain the potential negative side effects of what he was doing. However, Sarah also worried that telling someone they are doing a Bad Thing may not be well received, especially when they must believe they are doing a Good Thing by attempting to maintain a certain appearance in their neighborhood.

So, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  How would you approach this situation? And if you did stop to talk to this person, what would you say? Share your take on the situation below!

To get started thinking about neighborhood involvement, here's a great video about Green Homes in West Philadelphia!


NEXT WEEK: Green & Blue Schools Week


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