Case Study:

Healthy Urban Waters: Empowering People, Improving Communities, Creating Jobs

Green Infrastructure for stormwater management is catching on, because it not only helps reduce flooding, prevent erosion, and improve water quality in waterways, but because it improves livability, provides recreational opportunities, and is a positive influence on community health. But barriers to its adoption still remain.

Green infrastructure is often perceived as costly and "job-killing", but the case for its cost effectiveness, multiple community benefits, and job creation potential is not mere wishful thinking. All across the nation, cities are proving that green Infrastructure IS improving water quality cost effectively; IS making for communities healthier, safer, and more livable; and IS spurring economic development. From design and installation to ongoing maintenance, there's a growing niche supporting green infrastructure: besides creating new opportunities within existing sectors like landscaping, paving, and building, entire new industries are emerging. And this is only the start…

StormwaterPA has partnered with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS)Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF), and Philadelphia Dept of Parks and Recreation (PPR) to develop a Training Curriculum that introduces key concepts in GSI to enrtry level workers interested in exploring green infrastructure careers. Sustaining Green Infrastructure Through Proper Landscape Management has been piloted in the City of Philadelphia and we're proud to say that it's resulting in greener cityscapes, healthier waterways, inspired job-seekers--and, yes, trainees with jobs!

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