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"Debunking the Job Killer Myth" Causing a Stir

Earlier this week, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation released its latest report. "Debunking the "Job Killer" Myth: How Pollution Limits Encourage Jobs in the Chesapeake Bay Region" is already creating a stir.

As many of you have probably heard, this report illustrates that environmental regulations spur economic activity and create jobs, despite the claims of many opponents. The conclusion of the report states that "stormwater and sewage plant upgrades intended to help implement the federal/state plan would create nearly 250,000 jobs in the Bay region."

Since the report was released a few days ago, many news outlets have picked up on the report. CNN's article discussed the article in a fairly positive light, as does the Washington Post's article.

Matthew Ward with Reuters draws on some of the negative feedback to the report, including a quote from senior director at the American Farm Bureau Federation who called the claims of the report "almost laughable." made the interesting point that the Bay's pollution goals would create 35 time as many jobs as the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. We will continue to follow the response to this fascinating report.

But I also want to know what you all thought of  Debunking the "Job Killer" Myth. Share your reaction to it in the comments!

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