Cumberland County: Yellow Breeches Watershed

Highlights of the Yellow Breeches Watershed

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If you landed here, chances are your home, business or other property drains to the Yellow Breeches Creek. That makes your property part of the Yellow Breeches Watershed. The Yellow Breeches Creek drainage area is 219 square miles—or roughly 140,000 acres. It is a spring-fed cold-water stream consisting of 368 miles of tributaries and main stream channels.  Its origin is along Piney Mountain in Michaux State Forest in the Cumberland Valley. From there, it travels about 40 miles before it flows into the Susquehanna River at New Cumberland, PA.

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The Yellow Breeches flows through these Cumberland County municipalities:

Camp Hill, Lemoyne, Mechanicsburg, Mt. Holly Springs, New Cumberland, and Shiremanstown Boroughs; Cooke, Dickinson, Hampden, Lower Allen, Monroe, Penn, Southampton, South Middletown, and Upper Allen Townships.

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