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Trindle Spring Run

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Trindle Spring Run is one of the small tributaries that feed the Conodoguinet Creek
Trindle Spring Run, like Letort Spring Run and Big Spring Creek, is a low gradient, fertile, limestone spring stream. Trindle Spring Run begins its path to the Conodoguinet Creek south-southwest of Mechanicsburg arising from small spring sources in the limestone geology of the Cumberland Valley, and flows approximately 5.6 miles to its mouth, where it empties into the Conodoguinet. So all of the combined land masses that Trindle Spring Run drains are connected to the Chesapeake Bay through the Conodoguinet Creek and Susquehanna River. 

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Cumberland County municipalities in the Trindle Spring Run Watershed:

Although it’s only 5.6 miles long, it flows through Mechanicsburg Borough, Upper Allen Township, Hampden Township, Silver Spring Township, and Monroe Township. Portions of the stream flow underground between Mechanicsburg Borough and Silver Spring Township

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