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Simmons Creek

Do you live in the Simmons Creek Watershed? Learn about your local watershed, your community's water protection efforts, and WHAT YOU CAN DO to protect your local creeks, rivers, and streams...

Simmons Creek is a 9-mile-long tributary of Conodoguinet Creek.  The stream’s origin is less than ½ mile east of Wertzville in the northern part of Silver Spring Township (a Municipal Stormwater Sewer System or MS4 area).  From the headwaters, the stream flows south, crossing Wertzville Road and Interstate 81, converging with the Conodoguinet northwest of the Silver Spring Golf Course.

The geology of the watershed is dominantly shale/siltstone (~80%), with some limestone (~20%).  Over 65% of the watershed is forested.  20% of the watershed’s area is covered by cropland, while the remainder consists of urban/suburban/and transportation land cover. 

Municipalities in the Simmons Creek Watershed:

Silver Spring Township.

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