Cumberland County: Clean Your Water

Resources for Schools

Stormwater is a fundamental part of the WATER CYCLE--and understanding its "management" provides a wide array of learning moments and connections to students every day lives. Flooding, biodiversity, pollution, environment and economy, quality of life: you name the topic and we'd bet a creative teacher has linked it to a water lesson of some shape or form.

We turn the faucet and it’s always there. CLEAN, SAFE AND ABUNDANT. Water, the essence of life. We use it every day, but we rarely think about the fact that it's been through a complex journey and many changes before it gets to our home:

What is stormwater? Simply put, it is the precipitation that runs off the land and fills our streets, sewers, and waterways during heavy rains. When not "managed" effectively, this rainwater runoff can cause of flooding--and can carry all kinds of pollutants directly into our creeks, lakes, rivers, and streams. Believe it or not, WE ALL PLAY A ROLE in water quality because we can make conscious decisions about what we do on the land:

There's a new movement afoot to prevent the problems caused by runoff using a "greening" approach. Rain gardens, green roofs, and naturalized landscapes are just a few of the methods that turn stormwater from nuisance into resource:


Check out the video case studies and the amazing online Educator's Resource Center,, that we've highlighted off to the right.

Peruse the resource lists below for a variety of materials to help you learn and teach about the issues, see what schools other schools are doing, and get ideas to get your students involved.

Water is THE issue of the 21st Century, and immersing the leaders of tomorrow in the issue today is the best way to ensure we sustain this most precious resource!