Case Study:

Clean Water: A Long Journey from the Source to Our Tap

We turn the faucet and it’s always there. Clean, safe, and abundant. Water, the essence of life. We use it every day, but we rarely think about the fact that it's been through a complex journey and many changes before it gets to our home.

Pennsylvania's source water comes from surface water like our rivers, lakes and streams or from groundwater, the aquifers that lie beneath the earth. Water suppliers tap into these sources and treat the water before delivering it to us, ready to drink. This source water is affected by what happens on the land around it, and although we don’t mean to, our daily activities often end up polluting our most essential resource.

Polluted runoff is the number one cause of water quality problems today...

This video was created to start the conversation and is being used as an educational tool all over the State, including through GreenTrek's great Teacher's Resource Center,

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The video was made possible thanks to support from the William Penn Foundation, the Water Resources Education Network (WREN), and other partners and supporters of StormwaterPA. For an alternate version focused on Pennsylvania's Source Water Proection Program, visit WREN's informative site