StormwaterPA's video case studies provide an in-depth look at some of the innovative solutions being applied to stormwater management challenges all over the state.

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Kensington Green Street 1:15

In the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, rain gardens and tree trenches are helping...


Green Homes 7:15

To control runoff into nearby Cobbs Creek, a West Philadelphia neighborhood gets a green m...


Rain Barrels: Preventing Water Pollution Starts at Home 7:49

Easy-to-install rain barrels don't only provide free water for non-drinking use; They also...


Green Schools: Albert Greenfield Elementary 9:06

Greenfield Elementary School in Philadelphia transforms into a vibrant green space and ser...


Keeping Water On Site: Waterview Recreation Center 5:00

The Waterview Recreation Center in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia uses green ...


Capturing Rainwater is Good Business Practice 7:15

The PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA, had over 100 acres of non-perm...