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What Happens to Stormwater in a Retrofitted Detention Basin?

Water from the neighborhood enters the basin through the inlet,
carrying trash, pollutants, and sediments from the ground surface.
Water slows when it hits the forebay, allowing some sediment to settle out.
Water hits the berm, forcing it to either side, slowing and spreading the flow.
Water meanders along the curved edges, slowing and spreading the flow.
As water passes through the plantings, 
it soaks into the ground, slowing and spreading.
Water enters a rain garden pocket, slows, collects 
and soaks into the ground. Water can also evaporate.
Water flows through the outlet after a certain volume is contained by the basin.
Outflow discharges a smaller volume of water than enters the basin, 
and during some small storms, no water flows out of the basin.